We are so excited to meet for Winter Camp 2023!


There is more

More Meaning, More Hope. More of Him.

The first step in stepping out in following Jesus is to understand the promise, His promise that He has so much more in store for us all. We believe that when we give Him our “yes”, the game plan changes. We no longer need the affirmation or validation from other people. We don’t need to perform to be good enough for God. The greater depth of relationship with Him will act as a springboard for stepping out into the world and inspiring change for His kingdom. 

What if you can switch out your anxiety for His peace? What if you can trade in your loneliness for His love? What if the hopelessness of this world could be exchanged with healing and miracles? We want to explore what promises God has given us and see what happens when we choose His way of life. 


Practical information 

This year Winter Camp will be located in a small city north of Gothenburg called Ljungskile. The place we’re staying at is called Restenäs, which is a base for the organization Youth with a mission (YWAM). You can either choose to sleep on the floor in a big hall or pay extra to sleep in a bedroom for 4 people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the registration fee, and there will also be a kiosk where you can pay with Swish/Vipps/Mobile Pay. 

The registration opens at 17.00 (5pm) on Friday the 3rd of february, and we will start off with dinner at 19.00 (7pm) and continue with a meeting at 20.00 (8pm). We will have some great speakers who will serve us during the weekend. We will play games both inside and outdoors and we’ll wrap up the camp with a Sunday service. 


We don’t want money to be an obstacle from participating, so if paying the registration fee is a challenge please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, your pastor or a leader in your church and we’ll find a solution. We want everyone to have an opportunity to come! You’ll reach us on vny@vineyard.se


You will get more practical information to your email after registering for camp! 



If you are arriving by car, there are plenty of parking spots on site. If you are arriving by plane or train, please send us an email (vny@vineyard.se) and we will forward you the details of your travel route and make an appointment with you for someone to come pick you up at the train station.


See you in February 2023!



  • WHEN: 3rd-5th of february 2023
    WHERE: Restenäs, Ljungskile (50min from Gothenburg)
    SEK 600 or 830

    The registration fee includes accommodation and all meals. The two different prices is for either sleeping on floor in big hall or in a 4-bed room with beds.

    All leaders and adults coming with the youth who wants to stay and eat has to register and pay for the camp.


    Last day to register is January 15 2023 

    No refund for all cancellations after January 15 2023