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We are the youth movement within the Vineyard Nordic churches.


We are passionate about seeing a generation of young people come to know Jesus and follow Him in their everyday life. We believe as followers of Jesus, that we are created to be in fellowship with one another, to encourage each other and share life together. As a movement we aim to unify and create a place of belonging for all the youth in the Nordic Vineyard churches.

We believe that God is raising up a generation of history-makers, calling and equipping them to have a greater impact on our communities, cities and countries.

Vineyard Nordic – Challenge to change


Throughout the year we have several gatherings for youth and youth leaders in the Vineyard Nordic churches. Once a year we arrange a Winter Camp for all youth connected to the Vineyard churches in the Nordic countries. In the fall we also have a gathering for all the youth leaders, Youth Leader Conference. The summer of 2023 there will be national summer camps with special gatherings for the youth. These camps and conferences are great places to get to know God, meet new friends and be equipped and encouraged to live a life following Jesus. Do you have any friends you wish would come to know God? This is a perfect opportunity and space for that, so bring them along!

Another important part of our movement is to support and build the local youth communities locally in the Vineyard churches. There is an ongoing process of establishing a team for every Nordic country overseeing the youth work, supporting the pastors, leaders and youth leaders in the local churches. We long to see the younger generation come to know Jesus and carry His love into the communities, as well as finding fellowship within the local church. Contact information for the leaders/contact persons of the national teams can be found further down this site. 


We would love to connect with you! You can get in touch with us at, or on our social media platforms. 

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In Vineyard Nordic we have our own worship movement – Vineyard Nordic Worship (VNW).

VNW is a movement of worshipers from Vineyard churches across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark who are hungry for God and seeing His Kingdom breaking through in the Nordic countries.

Our mission is to be an inclusive, social, spiritual and equipping fellowship that inspires worshipers in the Nordic Vineyards to serve their local churches and communities and write, and to share songs about what God is doing among us.”

As VNY movement we are part of this and in the fall of 2018, we released our first worship song called “Love Like You Do”. This was the starting point of using music and worship as a way of connecting us all to a common vision and movement, even though we are scattered amongst the Nordic countries. This song was then followed up and included in the worship EP that we released in July 2019 with the title “Love Like You Do EP”.

Read more on Vineyard Nordic Worships website

Our worship playlists

Love like You do, Jesus

– Vineyard Nordic Youth


The mission with our social media is to create an opportunity to stay connected with our nordic community by sharing stories from what God is doing in our local churches, inspire a daily walk with Jesus as well as providing extended information about upcoming camps and events.

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Come do your work in me

– Vineyard Nordic Youth


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Caroline Lunde

VNY Ministry Leader

Youth Coordinator – Vineyard Norway

370198841_1823216578111487_3359214658525069732_n 3

Nadine Anderson

Youth Coordinator – Vineyard Sweden

Emil Nørholm

Youth Coordinator – Vineyard Denmark

Martin Walsøe

Youth Coordinator – Vineyard Denmark

Emelie Näslund

VNY Worship Coordinator

Youth Coordinator Finland

Right now we don’t have a youth coordinator in Vineyard Finland.

So for now, please contact and we will get you in contact with the right people.