Love like You do – EP

In Vineyard Nordic we have our own worship movement – Vineyard Nordic Worship (VNW).
VNW is a movement of worshipers from Vineyard churches across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark who are hungry for God and seeing His Kingdom breaking through in the Nordic countries. 
Our mission is to be an inclusive, social, spiritual and equipping fellowship that inspires worshipers in the Nordic Vineyards to serve their local churches and communities and write, and to share songs about what God is doing among us.”

As VNY movement we are part of this and in the fall of 2018, we released our first worship song called “Love Like You Do”. This was the starting point of using music and worship as a way of connecting us all to a common vision and movement, even though we are scattered amongst the Nordic countries. This song was then followed up and included in the worship EP that we released in July 2019 with the title “Love Like You Do EP”.

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