In a season of lockdowns and quarantine due to a worldwide pandemic, we as a VNY movement want to use this time to gather all of us around the nordic countries online through our social media platforms.

As our movement description tells us,
We are a gathered movement doing camps and conferences together as well as we are a scattered movement, where we live our individual lives in different cities and countries.

This season we will explore more how to build the scattered part when we can’t meet as gathered!

So, we have now launched “VNY Online”, a concept where we weekly post different things on our social media platforms including talk shows, challenges, worship, preaching, bible study groups, Q&A etc. Some will be live and some will be pre-recorded.

We all as leaders of VNY are excited and our ambition and hope is that it will inspire you in your daily life and draw you closer to God and that it will strengthen your relationship with Him!

Week 47
Wednesday 18th of November at 7pm
“Among Us” Tournament on Zoom
Beforehand download the app “Among us” for free on your phone, then join the zoom gathering for more info and to play with other VNY friends.

Link to zoom event: Meeting ID: 719 633 4604

Passcode: VNY

Week 48
Thursday 26th of November at 6:55pm
Worship Session on Zoom

Link to event:

Password: VNY

We have started an online small group. A group you regularly meet (every second week), and together with them you share life and seek Jesus.
First group of is led by David and Joel

Do you want to be a part of a online small gorup?
Please contact us:

Follow us online through our social media platforms to stay connected!

Instagram: @vineyardnordicyouth
Youtube: @vineyardnordicyouth
Facebook: @vineyardnordicyouth

Love like You do – EP

In Vineyard Nordic we have our own worship movement – Vineyard Nordic Worship (VNW).
VNW is a movement of worshipers from Vineyard churches across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark who are hungry for God and seeing His Kingdom breaking through in the Nordic countries. 
Our mission is to be an inclusive, social, spiritual and equipping fellowship that inspires worshipers in the Nordic Vineyards to serve their local churches and communities and write, and to share songs about what God is doing among us.”

As VNY movement we are part of this and in the fall of 2018, we released our first worship song called “Love Like You Do”. This was the starting point of using music and worship as a way of connecting us all to a common vision and movement, even though we are scattered amongst the Nordic countries. This song was then followed up and included in the worship EP that we released in July 2019 with the title “Love Like You Do EP”.

Read more on Vineyard Nordic Worships website


For the last couple of years we have aimed to unify the youth of the Vineyard Nordic churches and the friends around them. It’s been on our hearts to involve young people from different places to feel part of something bigger than their everyday context. We know that many of the youth are the only young ones in their churches. During the teenage years It’s a crucial part to have other christian friends that can help you grow in life and with God. Without this you can easily fall away from your faith.

We believe in a movement where we as a group can stand beside and support each other from different places and be equipped to go out in our cities to be history makers. Even though you might be alone in your city, you´re a part of something bigger, a movement that we call,

VNY – Vineyard Nordic Youth

Love like You do, Jesus

— Vineyard Nordic Youth —


We are the youth movement within the Vineyard Nordic churches.


We believe in VNY as a gathered and a scattered movement.

As a gathered movement we do events every year like, Summer Camp, Winter Camp and Youth Leader Conference. Here people can meet new friends, get to know God and be equipped to live life as it’s supposed to be.

As a scattered movement we hope and pray to see young people living radical lives where they bring hope and love to their cities. Therefore we believe that connecting with friends from VNY is important to grow in life, with God and as a movement.


To help you be practical in serving and loving your city, we have put together a toolbox for you to get started


If you want to connect with us or know more about our upcoming events?
Contact us at:

Please also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Jon Skoglund
Youth Coordinator
John Hedén
Youth Coordinator
Caroline Lunde
Youth Coordinator

Lina Skoglund
Youth Coordinator
My Helmner
Youth Worship Coordinator
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